Introducing CAN WINE from Can Wine Works. Quality wine from the great Northwest with intelligent packaging.

Not just some average wine in a trendy package.  No, these wines are crafted from estate-grown, Biodynamically farmed grapes, handled with the utmost care. Sure it’s in a very handy portable CAN, but it’s PREMIUM WINE.

Available in Traditional Dry Sparkling or Rose Bubbles. CAN you believe it? 

Yes, you CAN

CAN WINE make life more enjoyable?

Of course, it CAN!

CAN you say bubbles make everything better? This delicious portable CAN of freedom CAN lead to adventure, bliss, and perhaps spiritual enlightenment.

Great for the deck, porch, patio, pool, boat, hike, or sky diving.

Enjoy responsibly with friends.

You CAN do it!

Rosé Bubbles – Spec Sheet